Monday, April 5, 2010


One of my favorite blogs, peaceful daily, featured Quinoa today. Here is a portion of that note:
Very few people know about an amazing grain called quinoa (pronounced keen-wa). Quinoa comes from the Andes mountains in South America. Quinoa has been grown and harvested since ancient times. It was actually one of the first foods eaten by the Incas. Some nutritionists call it the "supergrain of the future." It has more protein than any other grain, with most varieties of quinoa clocking in at a mighty 16%. Some varieties even have 20%. The protein in quinoa is considered complete because it has all 8 essential amino acids.
I just started eating Quinoa around December. It's easy, easy to make, and so far, I haven't made a dish I don't love with it. One of my favorite uses for it is a warm heaping serving on a baby spinach salad, with some feta, pine nuts, beets, cucs, tomatoes and some balsamic! It is super filling! Try it out, replace some brown rice in your next dish and try using Quinoa instead, or instead of orzo in that salad, try quinoa... it's a perfect grain. It's a simple swap, that really does matter, for your health!

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