Tuesday, March 30, 2010

...and NOW for something completely FUN!

Ok, as promised, here is a really fun idea... they are called Bento Boxes. My good, good friend in NY, who is always so hip and trendy, turned me on to these. What a great way to get your child to eat healthy.. and it's fun, with NO HUGE serving sizes. I wish someone would make these for me! Anyway, here is a blog my friend sent me.. this woman really has some super CUTE BENTO BOX ideas for kids!

The picture posted at the beginning of this post is a picture of Camryn's first Bento Box that I made her for School this week. Of course this all takes time, but it was fun.. I can see making these a couple of times a week, PB&J for the rest! Ha!

She had a Spinach quinoa salad ( that was a heart mold for the quinoa). She had carrots, snap peas, "sushi rolls" of turkey and string cheese, strawberry flowers with Kiwi and strawberry Japanese dessert we found at the Japanese market near us. And for good measure, a teeny, tiny box of chocolate! She loved eating it, I loved making it with her!

These aren't just for kids! Search the web and get plenty of Bento Box ideas! Savor the good things - it really does matter!

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