Sunday, May 9, 2010

So many Breads... which is best?

I know when I go grocery shopping versus when my husband goes, we often come home with very different kinds of breads. I have also noticed that Bread can be something we can get very, very attached too. People I know always find a brand they like and stick with it. And often times, think that what they are buying is okay for them healthwise.

Hopefully many of you already know that White bread really has no nutritional value in it. It's been heavily processed, and enriched, which sounds like something good has been added, but in reality, so much of what might have been good in it, has been lost in the manufacturing process.

Whole Grain breads are the healthiest, best bread to buy. But what does True whole Grain bread actually mean? Well, the words "Whole Grain" needs to be listed in the first or second place in the ingredients listing.

So, is whole wheat bread the same as whole grain? It is NOT! You do not want to see flour in your ingredient list. A lot of stores carry whole grain breads, many of them are in the freezer section of your grocery store. Ezekiel is one of my favorites. I also find various sprouted grain breads that I love - whole foods has a wonderful sprouted bun that I love with my veggie burgers. Store them in your fridge, and they will last longer! It's a healthier option, full of fiber, which will help keep you full and help get more toxins out of your body! More on Fiber in a later post! But for now, read your labels! Whole Grains are what you want!

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