Friday, May 7, 2010

Be the Change you Wish to see in the World

Sometimes, I just get a bit overwhelmed with trying to understand what my bigger purpose is supposed to be. My heart gets tugged frequently to help with something? Make a difference somehow? Find my true passion. I guess if I was lucky enough, I would have had more kids, or turned my passion for fundraising and making a difference into a career. But short of that, I still search for ways to help.

My most recent charitable involvement was through my church, and our family sponsored a child in Kenya. Our sponsorship will provide, food, education, medical help and sprititual guidance to children who are poor and many of whom are orphaned. There are many wonderful childrens sponsorship programs out there that need help. We choose to work with, but there are others that need help too. is another wonderful organization. Or, if you want to check out these or other organizations, this is a wonderful site that allows you to see how efficiently they operate, as well as how they are rated. This site handles more than just child sponsorship organizaions, you can check out just about any charitable organization here! It's a great resource!

The idea of children dying due to starvation is so haunting for me, and hard to understand. We have so much, and others have nothing. My family decided to sponsor a child, and our 'sacrifice' is as simple as giving up one inexpensive meal out and giving it to our chiild's organization. This will be pretty painless for my family, but of great benefit for our sponsored child. It feels good.

What drives you when you hear the phrase Ghandi stated: "Be the change you wish to see in the world". Does it inspire you to do something?

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