Monday, April 25, 2011

Ammonia in Meat - Seriously!

This week I learned something new. Sadly, I was SHOCKED And DISTURBED!

While Watching Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution this week, I learned that in the US, our FDA has allowed ground beef to be treated with ammonia! Much of this ammonia processed meat has found its way into our fast food industry. The bigger shocker is that meat treated with Ammonia does not have to be labeled!

I wondered how could our Government justify this? The answer: Our Federal officials agreed that the ammonia be classified as a “processing agent” and NOT an ingredient - therefore it didn't need to be labeled! So that "100% beef" advertising we are all exposed to?.. well... I guess that definition depends on if you mean, WHAT you are eating or HOW it was processed? Does that matter to you and the health of your loved ones? Seems to me that might be a bit deceptive.

I was shocked to learn of this, and wanted to get the word out to as many people as I could - I am encouraging you to read the facts for yourself! To make this story even more appalling, I learned that besides the fast food use of this type of processed meat, that much of this ammonia processed beef has made it's way into our children's schools.

I did some online research and found these articles. This New York Times article, is credited with busting this disturbing practice open! This article was also very eye opening. Please educate yourselves! We REALLY need to work towards KNOWING what we are ingesting! Is there any wonder we are getting sicker - at younger ages?

We need our government to protect us - food labeling of GMO's and ammonia treated meat - it's a no brainer. But they aren't going to do it unless we demand it! Get involved with an organization that is working towards honest food labeling! I hope you agree - this REALLY DOES MATTER!

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