Friday, October 29, 2010

Organic Eggs - not all they are CRACKED up to be!

I have been guilty of buying organic eggs for YEARS! As it turns out, in some cases, that might have been a large waste of money. I used to purchase most of my eggs by convenience - at grocery stores and large food retailers. I came across this report by the Cornicopia Institute, and figured it was time to post my findings. Wouldn't you have thought that organic eggs may have been healthier, and come from birds treated more humanly? I'm learning, that is not always the case. Check out the scorecard ratings that were used in this study. Worth reading is the note regarding the Organic Valley Brand. As always, do your own research and do what YOU are comfortable doing.

I've recently switched to purchasing my eggs from local farmers markets. These farmers are less likely cleaning their eggs in chlorine, or other toxic chemicals that can leach through the shell. And I like supporting my local farmer. One benefit is they aren't as large a polluting operation as the big national companies which is good in many ways like: there is less transportation involved, and that usually means a smaller footprint towards pollution.

My advise, strike up a conversation with the farmer and ask questions! Not only will you learn alot, but you'll be making educated decisions. What we eat and feed our families, really does matter!

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