Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Inflammation and Acidic vs. Alkaline

Many of you may be reading more and more lately about foods that can produce more acid or foods that create a more alkaline condition in your body. Highly acidic foods can lead to inflammation in our bodies, which in turn can lead to sickness and poor health. Whereas some foods help to provide a more alkaline balance to our bodies. The trick is to balance our pH levels - or neutralize it. In other words, we don't want to be too acidic, or too alkaline, but balanced between the two conditions. Balancing this pH level will help in our aging process, and who doesn't want to age gracefully and with health energy?

So can you guess which kinds of foods create the more undesirable condition of higher acid? If you answered, processed and engineered foods and meats, you are correct. It appears that with each new generation, our bodies are becoming more and more acidic! And it should be no surprise then that the rates for cancer and diabetes keeps on climbing.

What happens when we are too acidic?
When you eat foods that increase your acid levels, your body works to get rid of this excess acid by excreting it in urine, feces and perspiration.
It uses fat cells as an "acid dump".

When your body exceeds its ability to maintain, from food, a "neutral" balance it has to "steal" from bones, teeth and tissues as an acid neutralizer.

Over a period of time of this stealing process can make your bones become a hollow shell and you have to be extremely careful of slips or falls. 30% of rest homes tenants are there as a result of osteoporosis and a fall that broke a hip etc.

For the diabetic, acidity has and continues to interfere with the response of insulin receptor cells which results in higher and higher insulin resistance.
Correcting this acidic condition will reverse the ever rising insulin resistance and will aid in halting silent inflammation contributing to the problem.

High acidity interferes with full digestions of vitamins and supplements as well. So all that good we think we are doing by taking supplements, may not have the impact we were hoping for if we are acidic!

So, what SHOULD you be eating or doing?
First let me give you list of what you should AVOID: all of these raise acidity!

Low fat foods
Fear or Anger
Lack of essential nutrients
Sugar and High Fructose Corn Syrup
Lack of Fiber
Most drugs
Artificial Sweeteners, Asparatame VERY acidic

Here is a list of Alkaline rich foods - as well as a chart showing some acid rich foods. Other lists are readily available on line.

If you can Neutralize the acidity, your body will start to heal itself immediately!

To find out whether you are in an acid or alkaline state, you can purchase pH testing strips at almost every health food store. They are activated with a little urine, very easy to do! Try it out, than start adjusting your diet to get yourself into a neutral zone. Let me know how you feel!

It's a constant battle to do the right things: eat right, exercise and simply get enough sleep. But what have you got to lose? There is much to gain!

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